About Shrewsbury Business Chamber

Helping businesses in Shrewsbury; to have a voice, to learn and to prosper.

Shrewsbury Business Chamber is the business group of choice for the Shrewsbury area.  The Chamber organises regular events allowing businesses to network, voice their opinions and gain useful business expertise. The Chamber provides a collective voice and ensures business issues reach the right officials. A not-for-profit membership organisation which is headed up by a volunteer business focused Executive Committee. The Business Chamber works closely with other local private and public sector organisations for the betterment of businesses from across the Shrewsbury area.

The offer to our Members

  • We welcome businesses of all sizes and types from the Shrewsbury area and beyond. From retail to manufacture, consultants to tourism, plumbers to physiotherapists, sole traders to multinationals, we welcome all.
  • SBC has a varied membership which allows for more dynamic networking  and opportunities for all.
  • No quotas on a specific industry, so we will not turn you away just because we already have another similar company on board.
  • Affordable membership fees, scaled to reflect the size of the business. No one fits all fees.
  • We hold regular business events, normally face to face, but when not possible we successfully recreate events on-line using Zoom.
  • Our events can range from a business breakfast at the Flower Show, wine tasting, historic building visits, summer BBQ’s, along with speaker and networking events.
  • Many events are free to members or subsidised. Members can also bring a guest to events, charges may apply.
  • If you are unable to attend an event you can send a substitute to represent you rather than miss out.
  • On becoming a member, you will receive a free business profile article in one of our regular business magazines and be added to our members page on the website complete with logo or image and links to your own website.
  • As a member you will receive discounts on our advertising rates and also learn about our varied sponsorship opportunities.
  • You can follow and connect with us on social media; Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • As a member you will be able to place the membership SBC logo on your website.
  • Being a part of the Chamber will give you a stronger voice.  We welcome feedback from our members on the local issues facing businesses and where possible we feed this back to the local authorities or local MP’s that we regularly engage with, through our Executive Committee.
  • The Chamber is headed up by an Executive Committee made up of local volunteer business owners. This business understanding gives us a unique insight into the ups and downs of running a business locally.
  • Our annual membership fees are priced to be fair and affordable.  We work hard to keep our overheads to a minimum, mainly through the generosity of our volunteers, so our business members can benefit and opening us up to a wider audience. Great for members as no fancy offices or staff for members fees to subsidise! 

Our History

Founded in 1903 the Shrewsbury Business Chamber is one of the longest established Business Chambers. The Chamber has survived two world wars, economic depression and recession, as well as pandemic. The reason Shrewsbury Business Chamber was founded was to bring local businesses together as a collective voice, to help promote those businesses and give those businesses the opportunity to network. In 2021 nothing has changed, this is still the basis on which Shrewsbury Business Chamber is run.

Our presidents:

1954C G Smallwood1988G A Hill
1955S Powell1989J A F Fitton
1956A R Mitchell1990J A F Fitton
1957A R Mitchell1991M W Heywood
1958W B Walker1992M W Heywood
1959G S Bond1993M W Heywood
1960C G Smallwood1994L D Allen
1961W S Wood1995A S N Wright
1962W S Wood1996A S N Wright
1963G R K Beck1997A S N Wright
1964J Affleck1998A S N Wright
1965J A Francis1999L Allen
1966B W Bass2000L Allen
1967B W Bass2001V Katz
1968G P Sharp2002V Katz
1969P H Ryall2003V Katz
1970J E Wootton2004N Spence
1971R A W Toon2005N Spence
1972G C Wharmby2006G Galliers
1973R L Hudson2007G Galliers
1974J S A Macdonald2008G Galliers
1975J S A Macdonald2009S Airey
1976D A Ranson2010S Airey
1977R C B Allen2011G Galliers
1978J D Towler2012G Galliers
1979A D Mitchell2013P Bettis
1980G J Butterworth2014P Bettis
1981J K Lunt2015P Bettis
1982G Roomes2016P Bettis
1983A Madin2017P Bettis
1984R P Mulford2018P Bettis
1985G A Hill2019P Bettis
1986G A Hill2020V Edwards
1987R M Holbrow2021V Edwards

The meeting dates for the SBC Executive Committee

Tuesday 08.30am 17th January 2023 ZOOM
Tuesday 08.30am 21st February 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 21st March 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 18th April 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 16th May 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 20th June 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 18th July 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 15th August 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 19th September 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 17th October 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 21st November 2023 Darwin Management Suite
Tuesday 08.30am 12th December 2023 Darwin Management Suite