SBC: The future of Co-working and hybrid office space in Shrewsbury

Covid has caused many negatives but also positives, having altered the work environment more than any time since the Industrial Revolution. Options to work in a different setting or way have evolved quickly, hybrid or home working are norms, not exceptions. Exploring the wide variety of options is helping businesses make smart forward thinking and cost effective choices.

Shrewsbury thrived on the daily influx of workers who used the cafes, the lifestyle shops, the food stores and more. Bringing workers back into town is a win for all. The growing choice of work environments give many the opportunity to try new ways, such as serviced or shared space. Many fear the return to large offices and these new ways offer perfect halfway house solutions, short or long term.

Creativity and networking can be stifled by a lack of face to face time, so part-time office based work or shared space working can elevate this issue but still allow for home/work balance.

Join us on June 16th at 4pm when we will be welcoming Alessio Dyfnallt from Cooper Green Pooks and David Parry from Wellmeadow Consulting. Our experts will be talking about these new ways of working and answering all of your questions – book your place NOW!

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