Recruit, retain and develop the best talent – build high performance teams

The COVID pandemic has ushered in a new reality of remote work – a trend that’s here to stay. These Webinars will explore and lay out practical strategies to develop high-performing teams in remote, dispersed, and blended environments. 23rd June In part one we’ll explore the characteristics of remote, dispersed, and blended models and the opportunities and barriers they present. It will also provide you with practical criteria against which you can assess the competitiveness of your business to attract, develop and retain the best talent as well as improve agility and develop a high performance culture which nurtures constant innovation and improves productivity. 30th June Part two focusses on how to develop specific strategies to achieve your people growth objectives. You will explore the tools available to implement these programmes and how to assess success so your people plan has goals and measurable success criteria to drive ROI and deliver sustainable growth.